Weed - Marijuana YOLO;
Hi, my name is chantelle.
i have blonde/brown hair blue eyes , im pretty out going id say , if anyone need someone to talk tooo im here for that :)
dont lett noone put you down , also stay strong*

I can explain life in 3 words . ; it goes on ;*
well follow and youll get one back !
*No hate*

tori was here, loooove yoou<3
Parents:Teenagers don't communicate anymore
Parents :Teenagers don't speak to us any more
Parents:It's all Facebook messaging now
Parents :No one communicates with their children
Parents :It's all about communication
Parents:Teenagers should talk to us more
Teenager:Well, I'm really stressed out about these test and lately i've felt really crap and-
Parents:God, all you do is moan and complain.
1 year ago